Fishing and Charters around Karratha

With some of the best shore based fishing opportunities in the country, the coastline around Karratha, from Point Samson in the east to 40 Mile Beach in the west, makes this a very exciting place to throw in a line from the rocks or beach.

Tides can be very important when it comes to fish activity, the low to high tide movement in the Karratha region varies from tide cycle to tide cycle with over a 4m movement on a ‘spring’ tide to less than 1m on a ‘neap’ tide. Neap tides occur on the first and third quarters of the moons cycle resulting in very little water movement.

The incoming and outgoing tides draw in small fish and other food to and from the shore, making for some hectic fun on a tide change at a few local spots. This can either be a high or low tide change around the area, including the easterly point of 40 Mile Beach and a few spots near Point Samson.

Poppers on a still day at high tide change will usually stir up a feeding frenzy of Queen fish, often referred to as the poor mans Barramundi for their aerial antics and attempts to throw a hook.

Be careful when out at remote spots on an incoming tide as there are numerous occasions where vehicles are swamped by water in or near creek crossings and the like. Always keep a tide book with you or check with the Bureau of Meteorology.

Where to find Fishing and Charters

  • Fishing

    Fishing in the Dampier Archipelago

    With a huge variety of fish species inhabiting the area it’s a fishing paradise for both amateurs and professionals alike. Species include the much sought after coral trout, red emperor, scarlet sea perch, spangled emperor, Norwest snapper and blue bone.

    A fishing guide, including details of size and bag limits, can be obtained from the Department of Fisheries

  • Boat Charters

    Boat Charters in the Dampier Archipelago

    Let Discovery Cruising, Archipelago Adventures or Reef Seekers take you on a memorable day out on the warm waters off the coast of Dampier and discover some of the 150 beaches surrounding the 42 islands that make up the archipelago.

  • Pelican Charters

    Pelican Charters

    Pelican charters offers a comfortable day at sea, accommodating small groups of up to 18 passengers, which allows for the days activities to be flexible to keep everyone happy! Renowned for taking locals to our best tourism attractions call us for you next booking. The ideal destination location package for the adventurous.

  • Montebello Islands

    Blue Lightning Charters

    A family owned and operated business with many years experience on the waters of Western Australia.  Blue Lightning Montebello Islands Fishing charters provides high-quality service and customer satisfaction and we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

  • Cossack Boat Hire

    We have boat hire out of Cossack from just $35 per hour or $160 per day. Modern, well maintained boats with sun shades and all the safety gear. We offer boats with either 18hp or 6hp motors. You don’t even need a Skipper’s ticket to take out the 6hp boat! Get out on the water and start scooping up boat-loads of fish!

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