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Home to multi-national corporations and exporting its increasingly precious resources worldwide, Karratha is well deserving of its status as a city of global significance.

In addition to current mining projects and the development of further mineral industries, Karratha offers growing support for pastoral and agricultural developments alongside an emerging tourism industry showcasing the city as a world-class destination.

With its close-knit community, enviable lifestyle and significant opportunities for business investment, it’s attracting more and more people not just to visit, but to call Karratha home.


The City of Karratha is a port city, providing economic stability that will continue to provide employment and business opportunities into the future.

Currently, the City’s economy is underpinned by its significant, long-term mining and export processing operations. With more than 300 million tonnes of iron ore shipped overseas using local port facilities each year, the focus is now shifting to producing a higher quality product. This involves downstream processing – which presents significant opportunities for emerging industries and jobs.

Oil and gas is recovered from fields off the coast of Karratha and is processed, stored and loaded onto ships through onsite gas processing facilities. There is now a growing focus on ‘hubbing’ product through Burrup Peninsula facilities, and using gas locally for trucks, supply vessels, trains and local supply contracts.

Gold, lithium, zinc and cobalt projects are currently being developed across the Pilbara, with the City at the epicentre of this growth. Innovative technologies, coupled with proximity to established operations are also providing opportunities for magnesium and urea processing.

The city’s largest industry by output is mining which in 2016-17, was worth approximately $6.5 billion. Significant expansion plans are now in place for major resource operators, with the city well positioned to support not only their growth but to attract operators in emerging new industries too.

The Quarter

The City of Karratha’s Gross Regional Product (GRP) is estimated at $8.31 billion. This represents 3.4% of Western Australia’s Gross State Product (GSP).

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Right now, the City of Karratha offers job opportunities across a wide range of industries. With a low unemployment rate of just over 2%, great prospects exist for people seeking career growth and development.

The largest employers by industry are Mining, Construction and Transport, Postal and Warehousing. Together, these account for 48.4% of all employment.

The establishment of a University centre will further assist in training, workforce development and education.

Information on current job listings is available through the Karratha Local Jobs Portal.

Small Business

An active supporter of small business, the City of Karratha recognises how fundamental this sector is to developing a sustainable and vibrant local economy.

Small, locally owned businesses have the power to provide long-term economic growth, improve local innovation and productivity, and offer career diversity for residents. As such, the City offers grant funding, assists local business agencies, and provides a regional price preference for those bidding for work here.

Karratha Airport

WA’s second biggest airport is located just 14kms from Karratha and operates multiple, daily flights to Perth.

A winner in the 2016 Airport Association Industry Awards for infrastructure development, the airport’s Karratha-Perth route is the sixteenth busiest in Australia and second busiest in WA.

For more information on Karratha Airport visit their website here.

Cape Lambert

The City of Karratha’s economy is underpinned by port operations which service the export of iron ore and liquefied natural gas (LNG). With more than 250 million tonnes of iron ore leaving from the city each year, plans are now in place to develop further port facilities in the region – paving the way for further infrastructure and economic benefits.

The Quarter

Home to around 17,000 people Karratha offers NBN access and underground power. The City has also been recognised as a regional leader in responsible water use and is endorsed as a Waterwise Council.

Karratha Aerial

An increasingly desirable and family-oriented community, Karratha is well positioned for investment both residentially and industrially. The future Tambrey Shopping Precinct in the suburb of Nickol, will provide a vibrant mixed-use centre for the western suburbs – including specialty shops and food and beverage outlets.

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